Streamlined robo-advisory

SR Advisor Platform

SR Advisor Platform is a unique cloud-based solution that enables IFAs, Wealth and Asset Management companies to provide clients with high quality service while streamlining the way portfolios are managed.
SR Profiler

SR Planning

Based around a customisable profiling questionnaire and goal-based financial planning, SR Planning is designed to expertly assess a client’s appetite for financial risk and evaluate their expectations for return. It also adopts a gamification approach to support investment e-learning for clients.

SR Onboarding

SR Onboarding simplifies the time-consuming process of client onboarding and ensures that regulatory compliance is met. It covers areas such as application form completion, along with Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering and Suitability Check requirements.

SR Onboarding
SR Investing

SR Investing

SR Investing has the ability to model, create and manage client-tailored portfolios based on the aggregation and interrogation of multiple data sources. Capabilities include the generation of proposals with suggested investment choices, dealing and account administration.

SR Servicing

Our solution offers 360-degree client support, which includes automated portfolio rebalancing, goal tracking, portfolio visualisation, and corrective action advice. Smart workflows enable performance monitoring, analytics and reporting while providing a full audit trail – and the solution offers full interoperability and ease of integration with CRM applications and other business systems.

SR Servicing

The Saffron Robo Investment Engine

At the heart of our solution, we’ve developed a proprietary, rules-based investment engine that collects and manages data from a wide variety of sources including client data, market data, research data, counter party data, and social media data. This information helps to drive the automated processes behind SR Planning, SR Onboarding, SR Investing and SR Servicing.

Our sophisticated investment engine has the in-built intelligence to design tailored outputs for clients based on their individual preferences:

  • Tools to assess financial goals, attitude to risk and loss aversion
  • Tools to apply client-specific portfolio parameters, such as currencies
  • Tools to support core asset allocation processes and adaption to personal goals
  • Tools to identify sources of value
  • Tools to individualise each portfolio solution
With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our investment engine has the capability to continually collect and process new inputs in order to refine and enhance its advice and investment recommendations.

The industry-leading investment experience at your clients’ fingertips

SR Advisor Platform gives you the opportunity to create an interactive and engaging experience for your clients throughout the investment management lifecycle.

Our cloud-based solution accelerates new client acquisition through your current website and a mobile app, while automated processes simplify account opening and onboarding:

  • Flexible and customisable – add your own branding, determine your own risk profiling criteria, configuration and rules
  • Integrate platform with private banks and retail distributors, as well as offering to direct clients
  • Access a wide variety of listed and unlisted investment assets to produce a bespoke investment approach
  • Use the platform as a standalone asset management tool or in conjunction with client advisors
  • Display balance, holdings and transaction detail across multiple accounts
  • Deliver account documents directly through the user interface
  • Use advanced built-in data analytics to monitor performance and create detailed online and mobile reporting