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The Saffron Robo Advisor Platform is a cost efficient, automated investment solution that offers private clients of banks, IFAs, wealth and asset management companies cloud-delivered services through an intuitive web or app interface. 

The platform can be customised to the requirements of each individual company and supports different products and investment approaches. It automates the entire client onboarding process, and if required can perform long-term, strategic investment tasks and execute short-term tactical investments from within a single, risk-controlled framework.

Platform overview

Our modular platform, which includes a comprehensive onboarding solution, captures information from clients about their financial position, attitudes to risk and investment goals. It can also add product, macro economic and other data sources to deliver an investment outcome that enables clients to meet their financial goals.

Services are delivered through an AWS cloud infrastructure for scalability, low cost, easy deployment and high security. Built from the ground up, the platform consists of a web-based user interface based on design thinking principles, a database infrastructure that can incorporate an increasing number of data sets, and the option of a powerful investment engine.

The investment module has built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. It can customise all investment choices and, if desired, automate all trading and execution. Cloud services enable efficient data collection and integration, which supports more effective AI and machine learning.

How the platform works

You can use the platform in a number of ways – for example, as a tool to simplify and streamline client onboarding. It can also serve as a complete investment management solution that combines long-term goal attainment with short-term trade opportunities, or as an AI-powered trade engine that customises trade recommendations and powers agent distribution.

The solution can be customised to your business needs, including configurations for the investment engine, Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering screens, back-end system integration, and products included.


Simplify the time-consuming process of client onboarding and
ensure regulatory compliance – from application form completion,
to Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering and Suitability Check requirements.


A customisable profiling questionnaire and goal-based financial planning enable assessment of a client’s attitude towards financial risk and return. A gamification approach is also used to support investment e Learning for clients.


Model, create and manage client-tailored portfolios based on the aggregation and interrogation of multiple data sources. Capabilities include the generation of proposals with suggested investment choices, dealing and account administration.


360-degree client support, which includes automated portfolio rebalancing, goal tracking, portfolio visualisation, and corrective action advice. Smart workflows enable performance monitoring, analytics and reporting, with a full audit trail. Easy integration with CRM applications and other business systems.

Investment Engine

Our platform has been designed to deliver a client-centric approach to investment, where investment choices are driven by investor goals. While long-term goals may be shaped by a variety of financial needs and tolerance of risk, these may conflict with short-term opportunities to generate additional returns.

To support both long- and short-term objectives, we created a four-layered investment approach within a single, risk controlled framework.

  1. Long term, strategic asset allocation based on risk and return characteristics configurable to client and company requirements.
  2. Periodic rebalancing of the portfolio to ensure consistency in risk and return.
  3. Dynamic investment overlays are used to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities, with AI determining risk levels for each client.
  4. Specific amounts set aside to invest in short term trading opportunities, defined by attitude to risk.

Client interface

The client interface is designed to increase the frequency of client engagement to provide additional opportunities to attract increased investment. The interface is highly intuitive and interactive, despite the quantity and complexity of the information that clients need to provide. Data is captured in digital form for ease of analysis and to enable greater customisation.

Additional technical features

  • Efficient database design and smart logic to drive efficient and high volume data management in a database and in a less structured data lake.
  • Operational integration layer with trade fulfilment and operational processes.
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